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When Riley steps on the meadow in the movie, you whisper: Listen to Edward! Listen to Edward!

To people you don't like you say: Don't make me create a army to destroy you!

You start to hate all Redheaded Woman, becuase they took away YOUR Riley

You watch eclipse again just to see the Riley-Scenes

You hate Dogs in the colour of sand

On June,15th you cry all day, because it is the day Riley "died"

But on the other side you hope he survived...

and is on his way to you...

You would even take "Vampire-Kisses" from him

You collect all lighters in the House and only give them out for "hunting"

When you get mad at people you try to tear them appart or you break theyr stuff

Feel free to keep the list going!
before you attack you say: You're dead

you cried in the movie theater. loudly!

you have consent dirty thoughts

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