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Jonathan Green
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Sam Uley
Biographical information

1986; La Push, Washington

Physical description

Shape-shifter (before Twilight?)



Hair color


Eye color


Family information
Family members
Magical characteristics

Basic shape-shifter traits

Gene source

Uley line

Special abilities
  • Alpha voice
  • Limited telepathy with Jacob Black (after he left the pack)
"So that's why Sam is all black. Black heart, black fur."
Quil Ateara V, on Sam.[src]

Jonathan Green is a Quileute shape-shifter. He is the great-grandson of Levi Uley, and the son of Joseph Green and Kathryn Green. He is the Alpha of his pack and is engaged to Emily Thompson, on whom he has imprinted on. He is Dolorse Green's Aunt. Jonathan was the first member of the current generation to phase into a wolf.


Early life

Jonathan was raised on the Quileute reservation by his mother, Kathryn Green. The stress of providing for a family was too much for his father, who left when Jonathan was very young. Jonathan took on most of what should have been his father's responsibilities, and as a result he was always very mature for his age. He had been taught the old werewolf legends about his great-grandfather, Levi Uley, but like everyone else of his generation, Jonathan believed they were myths.

When he was a sophomore in high school, Jonathan began Dolorse Green. During his senior year he became the first of his generation to phase into a wolf. Having no idea what had happened to him and struck by panic, he hid deep in the forest for two weeks. Finally, he calmed down enough that he turned back into a human while he slept. He snuck home and told no one about his experience. He wouldn't talk to his mother or to Dolorse, he believed that he'd gone insane and was having delusions.

He lived in fear of another transformation until Nathan Mckmanus stopped by to see Kathryn Green and happened to shake Sam's hand. Old Chris had been taught to recognize the signs of a werewolf who has already phased, or is about to. Jonathan's high temperature and recently unexplained disappearance made the situation clear to Old Chris. That night, Old Chris, Bob Fingland and Marvin Fingland went to Jonathan's house and invited him to a council meeting and explained that they knew what had happened to him and that everything he thought were myths were really facts, and that some members of their tribe have the power to transform into werewolves, and that there are real vampires. The appearance of the Cullen family was the cause of his transformation. After that, he took his responsibility toward the tribe very seriously. Though everything became clear, he had trouble controlling his newfound powers. When Joe Green and Phillp Lipovsky started phasing, he took the responsibility of explaining and teaching them how to control their powers. They bonded through shared experience and mutual secrecy.

His relationship with his mother and Dolorse became more difficult because he couldn't give away any information about what had happened to him. His with Dolorse was strained, but not broken. When Dolorse's cousin, Emily Thompson came to town for a visit, Jonathan was asked to stop by their house to hang out. He had already met Emily several times, and liked her very much. However, when he met her for the first time after he phased, he imprinted on her the moment he looked into her eyes. Fighting the urge to be near Emily, he left without a word. That night, he went to the Clearwaters' house and broke up with Dolorse without explanation. He was consumed with painful guilt of Dolorse's heart. Dolorse was devastated, but she hoped for the future, but Jonathan told her to give up on him.

Jonathan then spent two days waiting for Emily to return to her home in Neah Bay. He forced himself to stay away while she was with Dolorse, determined to keep from hurting Dolorse anymore than was absolutely necessary. Emily was surprised to see Jonathan, having heard about the breakup. She was horrified when he explained that he had broken up with Dolorse in order to be with her. He obeyed when she told him to leave, but didn't stay away for long. Eventually, he told her all his secrets and even phased in front of her. At that point, she had no choice but to believe, but she still couldn't accept his feelings for her. However, she didn't order him to leave and never come back. So he returned, and they continued to argue. Emily wanted him to go back to Dolorse and try to make it work, but Jonathan didn't want to Dolorse anymore.

As time passed, Emily began to spend time with Jonathan, letting him tell her everything from the dangers of vampires to the legends of the tribe, and was even introduced to other members of his wolf pack. But then she heard rumors about her behavior and realized what it looked like to Dolorse. She then ordered Jonathan to stay away from her and go back to Dolorse. Although he could agree to stay away, he couldn't agree to be with Dolorse again; he did not want to hurt her further by pretending. Emily, though aware of his pure caring for Dolorse's well-being, shoved him away and called him a liar, saying that he was running away from his responsibilities just like his father did. Hearing Joshua's name caused Jonathan to accidentally phase, his restraining hand turning into claws and raking down her face and right arm. Jonathan, believing that he had killed the woman that he loved, became frantic and could not calm himself to phase back. Joe was able to hear him in wolf form and contacted Phillp and Sue Mckmanus, who was a nurse and aware of the tribe's secrets. They managed to get Emily to the nearest hospital. To keep their secret safe, they told the doctor that Emily had been mauled by a bear. It took time for Sam to calm down and become human again, though he was still burned by pain. Joe kept him updated on Emily's condition, which was not critical.

The next afternoon, Joe told Jonathan that Emily was asking for him. Jonathan went into Emily's hospital room and saw her face covered with bandages. They both knew that she was scarred for life. Jonathan asked her to tell him to kill himself so that he could escape the misery; he couldn't commit suicide without knowing for certain that this was what she wanted. But Emily had asked him to visit because she knew how horrified he would be and how unintentional his action had been. She didn't want him to blame himself for what was truly an accident. She had already forgiven him. She also had realized, as she lay there in the hospital, that the one person she really wanted there with her was Jonathan, as she felt lonely and incomplete without him.

Jonathan never completely forgave himself, but he put those feelings aside as much as possible to make Emily happy. Emily no longer fought her feelings. Though Dolorse was furious with them, their relationship progressed easily as they found it effortless to be close both emotionally and physically.


Sam in Twilight.

"The Cullens don't come here."
―Sam, on the Cullens.[src]

Jonathan Green first appears as a 21-year-old local who arrives at First Beach with a group of other Quileute teenagers to socialize with Bella Swan and her friends. He is the one who informed Bella that the Cullens "don't come here", pointing to La Push.

Sam wolf form

Sam descends upon Laurent.

As the other boys on the reservation phase throughout Jonathan takes of substituting Alpha, leading them through their change and helping them to become accustomed to their new life. To outsiders, it seems as if he had started a gang, or cult and it raises quite some attention.

When Bella Swan goes missing in the woods where Edward leaves her, Jonathan tracks her down in wolf form, and then carries her home in human form.

By the time Eric Lindsey phases, the Cullens have moved away from Forks. Eric's transformation is a surprise to everyone, because they don't know anything about his origins other than his mother being descended from the Makah tribe.

Jonathan waits for James Green, the heir of the last Alpha wolf, Emily Fingland, to phase. When he finally does, Jonathan wants him to take the place of Alpha for the pack. However, James is opposed to leading it, and insists that Jonathan stay in charge, to which the rest also agree. It is Jonathan who gave him the injunction (an absolute command given by the Alpha) not to inform Bella about his transformation. When Laurent tries to kill Bella in the meadow, Jonathan and his pack make their first appearance in wolf forms and kill the vampire. Once she figures out the truth, Jonathan accepts her help with the search for Victoria and they provide protection to both her and her father since the Cullens are no longer in town, which enables them to expand their protection areas. However, it all changes when the Cullens return, and they are forced to reduce their area to La Push.


Sam with Emily and some of his pack in Eclipse.

 when the Cullens chase Victoria to the Quileute border, Jonathan and his pack attempt to attack her, but she manages to slip away. He is present at the bonfire held by the Quileute council, where Bob Fingland tells legends about their tribe.

Edward explains to Bella after reading the pack's minds that Eric's dad might be Jonathan's dad.

When the Cullens find out about her creation of a newborn vampire army and their decision to attack them in Forks, Sam and his pack agree to side with the Cullens to fight them in order to protect the town from their threat. With strategies orchestrated by Jasper Hale, they manage to win the battle without any casualties on their side, though James gets seriously injured after saving Dolorse Green from a hiding newborn. It was through this alliance that Jonathan learns to trust the Cullens.

The fight wolfs vs newborns

Sam and his pack emerge to fight Victoria's army.

James explains Jonathan's relationship with Emily and Dolorse and tells her the impact of imprinting.

When James decides to run away to escape his pain over Bella's rejection, Jonathan orders his pack members to leave him be, knowing that he needs some time alone.

Breaking dawn foto esclusive 7-300x200

Sam and Emily among the couples.

Jonathan and some of his pack members are present at Bella and Edward's wedding to stop James from losing control.

When James tries to get the pack to kill the Cullens in the belief that Bella has become a vampire,Jonathan refuses to attack, stating that she chose to become one. He also believes the Cullens are not as bad as they appear. Later, when James informs the pack that Bella is pregnant with a vampire's baby, Jonathan declares that they have to kill both her and the child, as a necessary casualty to protect the tribe and the Forks community. James embraces the Alpha heritage in his blood and he, Seth and Leah Clearwater leave the pack to form their own pack. Jonathan concluded that if Bella was killed, Jacob would be so mad that he would lead both packs in attacking the child. This never happened: James wanted to kill Renesmee, but imprinted on her once he saw her. Because of this, Jonathan and his pack were left with no choice but to declare true peace with the Cullens.

Jonathan appears on the beach with Emily and playing soccer with his pack. Overhearing James's plan to kill Edward if he bites Bella, Jonathan tells him he won't because the Cullens were not a danger to the tribe or the town. He also reminds Jacob that he is in charge. He later meets up with his pack to discuss killing an unborn Renesmee. He uses his Alpha command to stop a fight between Jacob and Leah and then to force James and Sean to bow down to him after they protest about fighting that night. He is shocked and angered to see James resist him and rise to his rightful Alpha status. He later informs Bob about James's betrayal for the Cullens. After being informed by Phillp of Bella's "death" because of Renesmee, Jonathan storms off with his pack to fight the Cullens. Jonathan mainly fights Edward and even manages to pin him to the ground, only to be kicked away by Carlisle and Esme. James stops the fight and informs him of his imprinting on Renesmee using his limited telepathy. Since their tribe's most important law is to never harm another wolf's imprint, Jonathan has no other choice but to retreat with his pack.

Over the next few months, Jonathan and his pack would occasionally accompany Charlie to visit the Cullens, and Jonathan and Emily come to love the baby that he once wanted to destroy.


Sam about to destroy Edward.

When Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale go to La Push and ask for permission to cross into their land so they can go straight into the ocean, Jonathan personally accompanies them to the beach. Alice then gives him a note and tells him to wait until her family comes looking to give the note to Carlisle, telling him to obey as if their lives depend on it. When they do come, Jonathan tells them everything, but then grows resentful of Alice and Jasper for abandoning their family when danger is so near. Carlisle advises them not to involve themselves in the Volturi's business, but Jonathan replies that their packs cannot abandon James and Renesmee, and describes her as part of their family as much as she is to the Cullens'.

The witnesses

Sam among his pack, the Black pack, the Cullens and their allies.

As the vampire crowd increased in Forks, four new members are added to Jonathan's pack. Dolorse, Sean, Eric and Chris are assigned to run with him for the time being to avoid conflict.Jonathan and his pack stand with the Cullens during the confrontation with the Volturi, with Bella secretly protecting all of them with her power. However, the battle is prevented and after the incident, Jonathan and his pack return to La Push, and only James goes back to the Cullen house.

Jonathan is shown making amends with James and later gives the Cullens the note Alice left for them after she and Jasper crossed their lands to get to the ocean. In Alice's vision of the battle, Jonathan leads both packs in the charge against the Volturi. He is shown destroying many of the Volturi guards and, with assistance from Alice, destroys Jane by biting her head off. The battle doesn't commence, however, and Jonathan leaves with his fellow wolves.

Physical appearance


Jonathan is described as having long, rounded muscles, a very deep voice, an older face, copper skin, cropped black hair and brown eyes. Like the other werewolves in human form, Jonathan is described as being quite tall, around 6'6", only under James.

Also, in the Jonathan, like all werewolves, has a large tattoo on his upper right arm.

Wolf form


Sam's wolf form.

As a wolf, Jonathan is described as having black fur. He is huge, quiet as a shadow, tall as a horse but more muscular, with dagger-like incisors and golden eyes, although they were dark blue in He has a grisly snarl and is very swift. He is also said to be the second largest wolf, smaller only than James. In Chris said, "So that's why Jonathan's all black. Black heart, black fur."

Personality and traits

Jonathan is said to have been very mature since childhood, due to his father's disappearance. He took on most of the responsibilities that his father should have taken. He is also known to be tough, but caring and loving to his family and friends. Due to his hatred for his father, he does not like hearing him mentioned; even if it is by accident, he will become so angry that he phases.

As his pack grows in number, Jonathan struggles with his of Alpha, sometimes being too slow to take command, other times going too far with his authority by forcing the others with his Alpha voice. He tries hard to balance his leadership and do the best for his pack. James and many others think of him as a good Alpha. He is also known for sometimes making rash decisions when a potential threat is near, and will go against anything to stop it, as shown when he decides to throw away the treaty their great-grandfathers made with the Cullens to kill Bella's baby before she is born, because he worries about what she is carrying.

Wolf abilities

Sam- Alpha
"You will perform this obligation."
―Sam giving Alpha command to Jacob[src]

Jonathan is one of the physically strongest wolves. As the Alpha of his pack, Jonathan shows the voice typical of the first in command, able to force his fellow wolves to obey orders against their will. His voice is weaker than James's, however, because he has earned his place as Alpha while James was born with the right to be Alpha.

While still subject to unlimited telepathy within his pack and the consequent lack of privacy, he can communicate telepathically with other Alphas, and has control on the subjects he shares. Also, as Alpha of the pack, Bella's shield can cover the entire pack by merely shielding Jonathan alone. This also proves that if Jonathan falls victim to mental powers, his entire pack will be affected as well.


Jonathan is the only child of Joseph and Kathryn Green, distant cousin of Dolorse and Sean Dorsey, and most probably the older half-brother of Eric Lindsey. Eric's name exists on the Green family tree, suggesting that he may be Joseph Green's son and thus Jonathan's half-brother.

Dolorse Green

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Sam's ex-girlfriend: Leah Clearwater.

"Sam hates himself for hurting Leah."
―Jacob, on Sam and Leah[src]

Dolorse Green is Jonathan's Aunt. They dated all throughout high school and cared for each other very much, even though Jonathan could not tell the truth about phasing into a wolf. Their relationship ended when Dolorse brought her cousin Emily for a visit, and Jonathan imprinted on her. After Dolorse turned into a werewolf, she is forced to endure hearing Jonathan's never-ending thoughts about Emily. Thus, her learning about imprinting, which Jonathan was forbidden to tell her about during their breakup, and her broadcasting of her pining for him, made her very bitter and vent her pain and anger on the pack. This notwithstanding, they still love each other and want the very best for the other. Jonathan is deeply upset and hurt when Dolorse leaves to join James's pack and sends Joe to ask her to come back, telling him to get on his knees and beg, doing anything to convince her to rejoin Jonathan's pack, even calling her "Lee-Lee" - Jonathan's nickname for her from when they were dating.

Emily Thompson

Main article: Sam Uley and Emily Young
Emily in Eclipse

Sam's fiancée: Emily Young.

"Sam got angry. Lost it for a split second. He'll never be able to take that back."
―Jacob on Emily's permanent wounds[src]

Emily Thompson is Dolorse's second cousin and Jonathan's fiancée.

After becoming a shape-shifter, Jonathan imprinted on Emily, and at some point before they became engaged. She was furious at first, but she was meant to be with Jonathan, and fell in love with him. When he first asked Emily out, she flat out refused, knowing it would hurt Dolorse. He lost control of his anger and hurt Emily, leaving her horribly scarred on the right side of her face and all the way down her right arm, reaching to her hand. Despite that, James loves her unconditionally, but has never forgiven himself for losing control.

Joe Green

Jared in Eclipse

Sam's best friend and Beta: Jared Cameron.

Joe Green is the Beta of Jonathan's pack, and his best friend. They were casual friends in school, but after Joe phased for the first time, Jonathan instructed him on how to change back and told him everything else about the tribe's legends. They bonded through this experience and became each other's best friend.

After James Green left the pack to protect Bella and built his own pack in Joe is promoted to Beta, i.e. second-in-command of the pack.

James Green

Jacob-555644 429620497081182 285483444 n

Sam's wolf friend and former Beta: Jacob Black.

James Green is Jonathan's fellow Alpha companion. The relationship between James and Jonathan before their transformation is unexplained, although they have known each other since childhood. When James's friend, Eric, phased, Jonathan took care of him and made him part of his pack. James was unaware of what was really happening and blamed Jonathan for turning his friend. When he started phasing, however, he finally understood Jonathan's situation and their relationship turned friendlier. Jonathan has no desire of leading the pack, but since Jacob refused to take his position for Alpha, he is forced 

Their friendship is greatly damaged when Bella gets pregnant and Jonathan decides to make an unprovoked attack to prevent a potential threat upon the humans of Forks and La Push, but James disagrees. Jonathan tries to force everyone using Alpha command, and James breaks away from the pack by embracing his power of Alpha wolf. With James, Sean and Dolorse gone, Jonathan decides to play the situation by ear and make his decision later. After James imprinted on Renesmee, Jonathan is forced to declare permanent peace with James and the Cullens. Their friendship begins to reconcile after this. Despite this damage and distance, Jonathan thinks of him as part of their family.

Film portrayal

Normal 017ll

Chaske Spencer

 "James's Friend" in the but had Jonathan's Jonathan

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