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Richard Mora
Biographical information

February 1, 1975 (1975-02-01) (age 41)


Native American



Hair color



5' 10"



In Twilight saga

Ephraim Black


Richard "Rick" Mora is the actor who portrays Ephraim Black in the flashback scene of Twilight.[1] He is also a model, musician, photographer, and producer.

He is of Native American descent.



Planted in the womb of my mother, a seed from the Sun. Birthed in a field of corn called Los Angeles but raised on 100 acre cattle farm in Crescent City, California. Born Yaqui and Apache of Mestizo descent, a Native man raised from the land with no electricity, no plumbing, a wood burning stove and mother who possessed the powers of mother earth.

Returning to civilization for an education by socialized America, I acquired a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Northridge.

After college I was encouraged by a friend to meet his modeling agent. My life would never be the same. It was legendary male super model agent Omar Alberto’s idea to try the Native Man in the modeling business. Having successfully shot with great photographers like Carlos Reynosa, Cliff Watts and Matthew Rolston allowed me the access to American & European commercial and modeling market. I was then booking great commercial & print accounts like Toyota, Wilson Leather and Anson’s Germany. Small spots in Television, Film and Voice soon followed. Auditioning and not landing roles with Disney / Jungle Book and Mel Gibson / Apacolypto were a just a few inspirations that kept me going till landing a small scene in the blockbuster movie TWILIGHT as Jacob Black’s great great grandfather, EPHRAIM BLACK, leader of the original Werewolf Tribe. Life has not been the same since.

Fast forward to today. Current accounts have included Union Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Koff Beer, Bell Meat. I have completed production on Yellow Rock with Michael Biehn, James Russo and the Spears Brothers. Yellow Rock has already received 3 film awards.

The Dead and the Damned has been very well received world wide distribution and placement in Red Box and Target, I am the voice of Young Turok (alongside Irene Bedard and Adam Beach) in the animated feature Turok : Son of Stone based on the video game and am currently in development on several motion picture productions. I have 4 Rick Mora posters being distributed and have been featured in the 2009 & 2011 Native American Men’s calendar. With numerous Magazine Cover’s and interviews as a result of the growing popularity of the Native American presence in the entertainment world it was inevitable I would find my way to Radio with huge support from LA Talk Radio’s combat radio as a celebrity guest and co-host. My latest music video with Agnes Carlsson has hit over 4.7 million views and is still growing, my web presence is in the millions with a world wide fan base and I am proud to be an ambassador of the Red Crystal Gala, An E. Joyce Thomson charity to support abused women and victims of sexual assault on the reservation and am on the Board of Directors for SAVING CANINE LIVES, a dog rescue organization working with the Humane Society.[2]


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