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Reasons why Jane and Alec are not evil

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They make sure that other vampires are straightened out and are not breaking any laws.

They were claimed to be witches and where found and saved so they are just paying respect to the one who had saved them.

They enforce the law and keep the peace - they were practically bought up to think what they are doing is right.

They obey Aro, and all decisions are made by him therefore they are not evil but mere puppets or weapons Aro uses.

They were vulnerable and felt that society treated them harshly and they never got their justice because Aro killed them, it explains why they feel so sadistic and feel so much hate for other's.

They feel as if it's them against the world because society was different back then and they were treated harshly

They are showing the vampire world that they have the upperhand and are powerful in contrast to their human lives where they were vulnerable and treated unkindly.

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