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Reasons why you should hate Jacob

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Anti black because hai
He thinks he should be with Bella and is so selfish that he would brainwash Bella into thinking Edward's a bad guy

Jacob is rude and obnoxious.

He thinks he deserves Bella more then Edward and gets angry at her for liking Edwards and imprints on Renesme when he can't have Bella. Talk about JEALOUS!!!!!!

He tries to be self sacrificing but fails.

He hangs up the phone as Edward tries to call Bella.(new moon) So he is nearly responsible for Edwards "Death".

Jacob forcefully kissed Bella in Eclipse.

He doesn't understand how Bella feels love for Edward.

The Hillywood Jacob is much hotter and funnier

He hates Bella's baby and wants to kill it in Breaking Dawn Part 1, and he makes it clear by the snide comments.

he is trying to force bella to love him

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He's too awesome

He's always jealous of Bella and Edward being together and would do anything to try and convince Bella to go out with him and leave Edward

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