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{{TopTenList/Item|Because Seth is so cool and kind towards vampires.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Seth has a very loving heart and accepts vampires}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is willing to be friends with vampires and is in on friendly terms with Edward}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He idolizes Jacob and joins his pack with his sister, Leah}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He is the first one to join Jacob's pack when Jacob leaves Sam Uley's pack}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He is very loyal to his family and friends}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He is caring}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He believes in being a fair judge and not being impulsive or reckless}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He is living proof that vampires and werewolves can coexist}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He has a good sense of right and wrong}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He refuses to leave Jake on his own outside the pack}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He's like a Team Switzerland}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He likes being in the pack}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he would rather help someone (Eclipse Book) than stand by and do nothing (When the Cullens and Werewolves fighting while Seth is with Edward and Bella)}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He's one of the least whiny characters}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He's like a cheerful teen}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he could love and be a best friend too}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is just like a little Jacob and there is a team jacob!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is the second best guy in the whole movie!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|'Cause when people say- 'Shut Up Seth!'- he is still nice and says "Shutting!" like he is so exited}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Nice to Leah when she almost gets him kicked out of the pack}}
{{TopTenList/Item|HE LIKES CINNAMON ROLES (eclipse)}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is HAWT!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he likes everyone.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He's got a pure heart, so he could ride the Flying Nimbus if he wanted to.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is the coolest and cutest of the wolfpack}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He lives with Leah, and yet loves her none the less. How many siblings have you see that put up with that much shit, especially when one of them is pretty hostile? Not many.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He hasn't imprinted yet! And that lets our imagination run free!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He's such a cutie!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He is funny. Example: SHUTTING! :)}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he has a sandy brown fur which is so hawt and unique}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is awesome kind !!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because seth is just awesome!!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is nice too the vampire}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He is nice too everybody even if he haven't imprinting !}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because his thoughts are pure and kind, as told by Edward}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He likes Edward and Jacob, he's a peacemaker}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because his name starts with a 'S'}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he has a pure heart.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he knows how to open his heart unlike that unloved Jacob}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he has neither disassembled his girlfriend's car engine to make sure she doesn't go off to see friends he doesn't approve of nor has imprinted on a newborn baby.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is the cutest, amazingest person ever and he makes the cutest wolf then to top it off he is nice to the vampires, has an extreamly pure heart and he is played by Boo Boo Stewart!!!!!!!!!!!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is cheerfull and loving and kind and sweet... what was i talking about?}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because we all love him!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he has a sort of epicness!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because I think we would all rather be imprinted on by him rather than Jacob}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he took out a whole vampire by himself}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Did I mention he's hot}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because Seth is the nicest and the coolest out of the wolves}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he beat a strong vampire all by himself :)}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He is the best shapeshifter!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is the newest, bestest, and brightest!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is adorable!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He doesn't let the fact that his father has died or that he is a shapeshifter get him down.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He is so happy all the time}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because I can't decide between Team Edward and Team Jacob and Seth is friends with both.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because he is Seth he is ALWAYS happylike ALWAYS}}
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Seth has a very loving heart and accepts vampires

He idolizes Jacob and joins his pack with his sister, Leah

He is very loyal to his family and friends

He believes in being a fair judge and not being impulsive or reckless

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