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Reasons why the books are thirty times better than the movies

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they have more details, you can use your imagination, and you can take books anywhere!!!!!:)

You can make your own pictures in your head, let your imagination go wild!

Reading books are better for your eyes than staring at a screen for hours!

You know what the characters are stiffy thinking.

Books are waaay more portible. Try telling me you can take a dvd and dvd player with you anywhere and fit it in your bag!

Movie form always cuts out the good parts! They always replace them with more action.

Try cuddling up on the couch with a stiff dvd case in your hand!

You don't have to put up with 'the screen writer's vision of the movie.' You can enjoy the whole story!

you cannot shelv dvds their to big , and books are non shelviable

becuz the whole story and details was in the book. almost all of the good scenes and happenings are all written in the book and they are not shown in the movie. and you can imagine the whole story which is really cool!

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The books are way better than the films and you can understand the characters more than you do in the films

There are more interesting and keep you reading them more than 2 hours.

While you are in school, you can't atch a movie during class but you can read a book

30 times better, try infinite

Just because they are!!!!!!!

you can almost imagine the book characters as real people, instead of watching them on a screen, knowing that theyre just actors.

its easier to like the books because you can get inside of the characters minds and use your imagination instead of having a movie tell you what to see and think

Bella and Edward are waaay better than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Watching movies can make you obese while eating popcorn and junk

because kristen stewart is a pecker lover!!!

novels show what the character is thinking

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