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Esme's furniture would not end up broken!

They need to do SOMETHING besides high school, sex, and Bella sitting

At least one of them would love the violin. I say Rosalie should give it a chance. Who needs a piano when you can play the awesome violin?

Chess is boring when your playing with psychics and mind readers...

They are probably super creative! Pick up a paint brush!

Would it not be funny for Emmett to start collecting stamps or sewing hats for Bella?

It'll take their minds off their depressing pasts

They could really set an example for BORING Bella!

Playing piano is not a cool as playing the tuba... (Sarcasm)

Perhaps if Jasper took up magic tricks, people would stop being so scared of him...

Rosalie and Alice could use fashion to pick up some extra cash.

Feel free to keep the list going!
Esme seems like the gardening type. She could make friends with the citizens of Forks.

Maybe Jasper could learn how to be a comedian so everyone will look at him as a funny guy and not as a creepy guy

Maybe Edward could do other things, rather than stalking Bella all the time and watching her sleep.

They have so much spare time

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