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SHE SHOULD NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She used to kill Humans and Sucks There Blood.

She had Created a army of newborn Vampires who Almost Killed many People in Seattle

She had Lied to Riley and the newborns. They were all good Humans and she Turned Them into EVIL Vampires who Killed People to Suck blood and They Got Killed By The Cullens and Werewolves.

Riley had loved her and he and Bree died because of her.

She killed Diego, Waylon Forge, Harry Clearwater and many More innocent People.

She had Plots plans to Kill Everyone Around Bella. Risking There Lives, wants to Kill Bella to Avenge James Death, who was killed by Edward

She had sent Laurent went after Bella. Who got killed By The Wolves, while saving Bella.

She was So Scary and Appears in Bella's Nightmares quiet regulary when Bella was still human

She used to Tortures and Kills Her Victims for fun and leisure.

She was a feral red headed cat like vampire that was terrorising the state of Washington for about a year and a half.

Feel free to keep the list going!
She had a plan to take over Washington but was overthrown and killed.

She was bad to the bone. She was only going to hell rather then heven.

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