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Reasons why Rosalie is stupid

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Rose 4
She has a bad temper...

She treatens for Bella to become the meal...

She resents Carlisle for saving her life...

She sucks at fighting newborns...

She is rude to Jacob Black when he is trying to save Bella's life...

I get that she doesn't want bella to be a vampire, that's fine and reasonable. But there was no reason to go running to Edward when she thought Bella was dead, that was spiteful and horrible. And she refused to change clothes with bella which could have, but didn't because esme changed clothes, led to her death had James picked up the scent. She is just horrible and spiteful to Bella and the other Cullens. And when is the only item she helps bella? When bella has a baby, and she wants bella to die. None of the others whine about not being able to have babies, but she does constantly and how spiteful and disgusting is it to let someone die for a baby? Also she hated the life as a vampire but she was enough of a b**** to askCarlisle to change emmet. She has her good qualities, but from what I've seen she's stupid, vain, selfish and mean

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