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Reasons why Edward can kick Jacob's butt any day of the week

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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
Edward has the superhuman strength, which can snap Jacob like a twig, as demonstrated in Eclipse, when Jacob got broken up by a newborn vampire.

Edward looks like a GOD no matter what happens, while if Jacob lost his muscles, he'd be butt ugly.

Edward's a vampire, while Jacob is a shape-shifter, which isn't nearly as cool!

Edward can read minds, so he knows whatever move Jacob is going to make before he makes it.

Edward is the fastest vampire in the coven, so he's WAY faster than Jacob on any day of the week.

Edward is a match for Jasper, the best fighter in the coven, and we all know Jasper will destroy Jacob.

Edward shows respect to Bella and won't kiss her against her will, but, with Jacob, not only did he do that, but he made her break her hand!

Edward killed James and Victoria, who both were gifted vampires, and he helped Seth kill Riley during his fight with Victoria, without getting a scratch on him, but Jacob couldn't kill Laurent unless he had help from his pack, and during the fight with the Seattle newborn army, he got a bunch of bones broken.

Edward has only ever loved Bella, but Jacob claimed he loved Bella, too, and then goes and imprints on their daughter, Renesmee.

Edward is smarter than Jacob.

Edward is just better than Jacob in every way imaginable

Feel free to keep the list going!
Edward will go to the ends of the universe for Bella, but I doubt Jacob would.

Edward Vs Jacob is like Cedric Diggory VS Sharkboy. I think we all know who wins.

Edward will do anything to protect Bella oh and he sparkles! Jacob doesn't:,(

Edward is older and, therefore, wiser than Jacob will ever be.

Jacob is a fleabag spreading germs when a such a better person could have been born instead of him

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