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Reasons why Carter Burwell screwed up Bella's Lullaby

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It was not a hummable song. The range was too high for Edward to possibly be able to hum

The song had a whole orchestra behind the piano... Last time i checked, Edward didn't hire an orchestra when he first played it

Though it was originally composed in E minor, it sounds like it has random flats and sharps all over the place, giving it that queasy feeling. The accidentals would be okay for a spooky, Halloween-ish piece, but definitely not "Bella's Lullaby." Who could possibly fall asleep to that?

It wasn't at all beautiful.

It was too fast paced to be a soothing lullaby

It did not fit what Stephanie Meyer described it as

After the basic melody of Bella's Lullaby showing up in every single score song, it got repetitive and sickening

Obviously it wasn't very good, otherwise Chris Weitz and David Slade would have used the Lullaby in Eclipse/New Moon

nobody can find how to play it with an instrument besides piano

I'd rather play/listen to the Edward Cullen one

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