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Even though Rosalie was mean to Bella, she was trying her best to be nice playing along with Smeyer's complex for blondes.

She doesn't mind that Jacob loves Renesmee

She picked Edward over Jacob! (after making out with Jacob and leading the poor boy on.!)

Even though Bella hung out with Edward so much she hung out with other people still, even though she thinks lesser of them.

She was willing to fight the voltori

She loves the Cullen family even though they are monsters sparkling fairies.

She was going to give her life up for a monster stalker.

She went to the Volturi vampire debate team to save someone who she thought didn't love her.

She used her shielding powers to protect her whole family.

She was only 17 and acted like she was an adult Mary Sue.

She has Edward........and Jacob.

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She loves lusts Edward!

She's just the best Mary Sue

In Breaking Dawn she didn't give up her baby even though they said it would kill her.

She constantly puts her life in danger for someone she loves.

She knows how to love more than one person at one time.

She gets to kiss both the cool and the hot guy. She is smart -- a stupid gal can't can do that.

She loves Jacob and Edward at the same time and works things out between them

She kept Renesmee from being aborted by Nessie father and grandfather (she was defiant to vampires for her daughter when she was a very human) awww....

In the end ,She not afraid to give up her life to save the one She loves.

She has the best husband in the world

She gets good grades so she's smart Mary Sue

She could operate a run-down truck (nope,... She could operate because jake fixed it.

She worked things out between the packs and the Cullens and she helped Jacob and Edward love each other (as family - kind of)

She is a selfless person and wants the best for everyone around her immortality.

She was willing to die for her baby!

She is the only human who realized what the Cullens were. ie.shame on vampire community

She let a guy whom she doesn't love in that way carry her in his arms (though her husband got to carry her later over the threshold) :-)

She followed what her heart wanted and that was Edward but she admitted that she loved Jacob. She accepted that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. She protected her family with her shield during the battle. She went to the Voturi vampire debate team to saved the one she loved. She didnt want to kill an innocent life that was a mistake. She wanted to help Edward with the battle with Victoria that was risking her own life. She was willing to die for her families and friends.

Because she is willing to protect her family

She was willing to risk her life for the family she loved. She also would risk her life for her human family.

She's a complete Mary Sue

She never EVER smiles

She got pregnant as a teenager

She lets her child go out with Jacob

She put herself and family in danger for her "true love"

Bella Cullen saved many lives by drinking animal blood and not human. She also found a way to get out of her zombie state with put Edward and she was able to tell Jacob without completely crushing him that she was not meant for him. Also she found a way to combine the names of Edward and her own moms name.

risked her life for edward as human

She loves books! :-)

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