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Reasons why Bella/Edward relationship sucks

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Bella is a Slut, she kissed Jacob. Therefore cheating on Edward (edited: This doesn't make her a slut, look at the motives behind why she wanted Jacob out of the battle. She also would have known that Edward knew at the time.)

Bella is stupid, she's ruining the Cullen's existence. (Note: Bella is depicted as observant and intelligent in the books)

She was multiple Times the Reason the Volturi had assembled. (Note: the Volturi have been around for at least a millenia.)

Bella is Ugly. (Note: not acording to every male character in the books)

Bella plays with Jacobs and Edwards heart. (Note: Edward has loved Bella since first sight, as I suspect Jacob has too. Jacob tries to "win" her over from Edward)

She made Edward almost kill Himself. (Note: Rosalie not telling Edward the whole truth and Jacob's cryptic conversation with Edward is what made him wish to commit suicide as he cannot live in a world where Bella doesn't exist)

Bella is mean to Rosalie (Note; it's the other way around as Rosalie is jealous that Bella has the opportunities that were taken away from herself)

Who the Hell Wants to Live Forever!

She acts like she's Awesome but she's not. (really? where?)

She's a Bit*h! (that's just snide.)

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The book never said why did Edward and Bella loved eachother so much,they have nothing in common.

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