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{{TopTenList/Item|Bella is Really Really STUPID.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Edward is awesome}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Edward is a jerk}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Bella is also awesome}}
{{TopTenList/Item|I hate good vampires like the cullens. I'm on Team Volturi}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Edward is very positive}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Bella is better than him.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Edward saved Bella many times}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He gives her stupid dreams like being a vampire}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Edward is very brave}}
{{TopTenList/Item|bella's dominating! thats not right! EDWARD must!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because Bella is human and Edward is vampire.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because the Volturi wants to kill them.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|They both suck}}
{{TopTenList/Item|i think that bella is worse then edward because she wants him to much like a sire bond}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Edward never asks her what she wants or what she thinks}}
{{TopTenList/Item|its like a parent and child relationship, Edward thinks he knows best}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's not a healthy relationship.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Edward Sparkle's like a Prissy Bitch}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Bella is all whiny and scared. She hardly does anything Brave, Bold, Adventurous or strong}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Edward is Ugly!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|He's very controlling}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Bella's like first she loves Edward then its Jacob then it's Edward!! Seriously Woman its confusing!!!!}}
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[[Category:Top 10 Lists]]

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Edward is awesome

Bella is also awesome

Edward is very positive

Edward saved Bella many times

Edward is very brave


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