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Edward is possessive, controlling, manipulative, emotionally and psychologically abusive, and belittles Bella's intelligence. I wouldn't care if not for the fact that Bella take NO action that this behavior is wrong! If he loved like he says he does, he wouldn't isolate her (though since she never VOICES her frustrations, he assumes this is okay).

Bella is stupid, she's ruining the Cullen's existence. (Note: Bella is depicted as observant and intelligent in the books)

She was multiple Times the Reason the Volturi had assembled. (Note: the Volturi have been around for at least a millenia.)

Bella is Ugly. (Note: not acording to every male character in the books)

Bella plays with Jacobs and Edwards heart. (Note: Edward has loved Bella since first sight, as I suspect Jacob has too. Jacob tries to "win" her over from Edward)

She made Edward almost kill Himself. (Note: Rosalie not telling Edward the whole truth and Jacob's cryptic conversation with Edward is what made him wish to commit suicide as he cannot live in a world where Bella doesn't exist)

Edward is about 90 years older than Bella Sue. It's Paedophilia.

Bella's obsessive.

Edward is sexist, manipulative and thinks he knows better than Bella.

Edward's a vampire and Bella's human

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Bella is too clingy and dependent on Edward (and men in general)

They have little in common

They haven't really known each other long enough to want to spend eternity together; not to mention Bella is only a teenager - she is going to spending the next couple of years still figuring out who she is as a person, which may lead to some serious regrets about the choices she has made

Edward and some of his family members (i.e. alice) try to rule Bella's life, deciding how she dresses, who she can be friends with etc.

Edward practically blackmails Bella into marrying him, simply because she wants sex. They are both acting selfish here, not respecting each other's choices and also have very different priorities in life

Bella and Edward's relationship is described as being like drug addiction; they feel they need each other to be happy, but they are ultimately destructive for each other, which is an extremely unhealthy relationship doomed to fail

Neither Bella nor Edward are very honest with each other; they constantly lie or keep secrets on very important or serious issues

They constantly seem to be miserable in each other's company

Edward constantly insults or belittles Bella

Bella neglects her family and friends over Edward

Edward encourages Bella to ditch school, lie and distance herself from family and friends

A number of characters (Billy, Jacob, Jessica, Mike, Charlie etc.) see their relationship as being unhealthy

The entire book and movie are subpar and annoying cultural references.

Edward is beautiful and Bella is ugly

In the book, Edward is acting like a man ready to punch his girlfriend because she doesn't listen to his rules, and this is absolutely serious, because Bella sees him as an angel from heaven and he is controlling her life as she is manipulating his heart.

Also, Charlie is a terrible father but every time he wants to protect her daughter from bad influences (Edward and his family), we are suppose to see him as a bad issue in the relationship of Bella and Edward.

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