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It opens a weeeeeeeeeakness within the Volturi, for those who plan to beat them & gain control of the vampire world

She was his sister.

It turned Marcus into a zombie.

It was a betrayal and that to even Kill his only sister. It proves how un-loving his is. It proves that he cannot have a family. He will only be killing them instead. Plus it is a betrayal to Marcus as well.

She was Marcus's true love.

Marcus is soo boring now that she's dead.

It lessened his fan base (despite the fact he's one of my fave characters).

They choose to leave, it was their choice... not his

She would have been good in a situation like Edward's, she could have made him feel happy and convinced him to stay (like Aro wanted)

It's Psycho-ish to murder your family

It was childish & selfish, when you think about it... killing someone so another won't leave you

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Aro would be in big trouble If Marcus found out

Didyme made Marcus Happy and therefore Marcus would be more willing to side with him than be neutral

because it made Marcus unhappy. I feel sooo sorry for Marcus.

It made the Volturi officaly corrupte rulers

Didyme had the gift to make people happy, also known as the aura of happiness.she didn't deserve to be killed by her own brother, she would of been a great vampire

at least, he could ask Chealse to use her gift and make Marcus and Didyme stay. not kill!

nobody who is normal won't kill his own sister and his best friend's beloved wife

she was so sweet and cheerful

Marcus would not be so boring!

His friend:Marcus was in love with her.

She made Marcus happy.

If they wanted to leave then they could they were choice not his.

Makes him seem weirder and crazier

Her power was to make people happy,so in New Moon she could have made Edward not want to kill himself,and join the Volturi like Aro wanted.

if Marcus found out he would probably join a different coven

Probably wouldn't have made Marcus so boring and then make Caius ignore him

Probably wouldn't have made Marcus so boring and then make Caius ignore him

Marcus would not be in so much constant pain.

Vampires live long enough to get bored of most things. Her gift made her a walking talking anti-depressant that would probably never develop diminishing returns. For any vampire planning to last for millenia...she's invaluable.

She's got the ability to make people happy! If Aro wouldn't have been more stubborn and saw sense, Didyme would make herself and Marcus happy! OhmyGod Aro, you are so STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID!!!!!

Aro would have killed Marcus if he found out Marcus killed Sulpicia So why should Aro kill Marcus's happiness by killing Didyme

If Marcus found out he would probably take Aro's mate to spite him for killing Didyme

Because if anyone knew his secrecy about it,it might start a war within the Volturi which means someone has to side with either Aro or Marcus. And when the Volturi is weak,it gives a chance to the Romanian coven to attack(after making there own army) which might lead to the Romanian's reign once again

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