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{{TopTenList/Item|It has vampires and werewolves.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It is the worst piece of ** ever written.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|All the actors are good looking, hot, beautiful, and sexy.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Both books and films are interesting. It has horror, action, and romance. Some scenes make you laugh and some scenes make you cry.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's a strange love story between a human and vampire.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's about a girl who is brave enough to date a vampire.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's much better than Titanic, Avatar, or Harry Potter because it has both romance and magic.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's very amazing and suspenseful.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It has so many fans and more and more people begin to like it. Everyone is addicted.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Its so interesting, you cant wait for the next films.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's the best}}
{{TopTenList/Item|it has a love traingle....with vampires, werwolves and a human teenage girl!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|You don't need reasons to love's the best!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|it stars the some of the most hottest movie stars of the generation}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's magic!!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|You'll fall in love with a fictional character... And you'll love it!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's just... so addictive. You can't live without it!!!!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Jacob, werewolves, and Eclipse is the formula for AWESOME!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|The Vampire governing system's so much cooler and effective than ours (especially more than briton's haha! lol)}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because Twilight is perfect !!!!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|You can't stop reading the books, <3}}
{{TopTenList/Item|They have some amazing quotes}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It makes you laugh}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Eye. Candy.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's twilight, do you need a reason?}}
{{TopTenList/Item|The books and films are totally romantic!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Dude. Jake shirtless.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It´s perfection.}}

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It is the worst piece of ** ever written.

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