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{{TopTenList/Item|It may be rated R as a movie}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It's the last Twilight book}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It makes Sam seem evil}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Because in Alice's vision Volturi die}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Renesmee gets to have Jacob, and an awesome power}}
{{TopTenList/Item|In the vision of Alice. Jasper died}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Everyone gets keyed up for a huge fight at the end, and everything is disappointingly resolved peacefully}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Everything is sickeningly perfect at the end, all tensions and feuds conveniently resolved}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Jacob imprints on the one thing he hated most. A baby that was killing the girl he loved.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|We never even get to see Jacob and Resnesmee together as a couple.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Renesmee: A stupid idea that was first thought up on Fanfiction sites.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|NO FIGHT! SERIOUSLY?!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Jacobs POV: Shudder}}
{{TopTenList/Item|nobody gets killed ABSOLUTELY NOBODY!!iriana does...}}
{{TopTenList/Item|irina laurants mate does die}}
{{TopTenList/Item|It was the best as far as "well Written" goes but ick! RENESMEE??? really?}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Jacobs POV was a real turn off}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Congrats Stephenie you just created to worlds most special spoilt brat in the entire world}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Alice and Jasper dissappear for most of it}}
{{TopTenList/Item|There isn't enough wolf or cullen but the Denalis were great :)}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Rennesmee! Need I say no more? That stupid kid is gonna ruin a perfectly good saga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Renesmee was spoilt and also Jacob imprinted on her (pedo) and also Renesmee loved jacob the same as her parents?! Weirdo. I think she should've not been created and Bella and Edward "woo hoo" when Bella is a vampire.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Jacob didn't get Bella. Renesmee was created}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Let me break it down. Book 1: Bella and Edward get married because Bella wants one thing from Edward (besides immortality) and marriage is the only way to get it, they go on a honeymoon, Bella gets what she's been crazy for (desperate much?), Bella comes home preggo. Book 2: Bella's dying because of that devil spawn in her tummy, the wolf pack's "cliques" have a conflict and split into two or something, and the demon spawn with one of the most gag-worthy names ever is born. Say it, out loud. RENESMEE. Jacob also imprints on Nessie. Book 3: Bella becomes a pretty sparklepants, she spends all day with Nessie and all night with Edward (bow chicka row roww!) for months, a billion other vampires come (VAMPIRIC CLAUSTROPHOBIA!) and prepare for an epic battle that didn't happen. Everyone lives happily ever after...except for Leah and Irina. THE END.}}
{{TopTenList/Item|Fans say that the Twilight saga is relatable. Yeah, coz I remember the time my sparkly husband made me pregnant with a bloody demon baby who broke my freaking spine!!! I mean, come ON people?!}}
{{TopTenList/Item|it was great}}
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It's the last Twilight book

Because in Alice's vision Volturi die

In the vision of Alice. Jasper died

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