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It's anticlimactic

Plot device Renesemee

The Happily Ever After ending is so forced that most of the characters had to be out of character for it to occur

Butchered Jacob's character and all of his character development

Plot hole Baby

The ending was so boring that the movie had to violate the rules of Alice's visions to make it watchable—and it was an improvement

Casually makes child grooming okay

It has a pro-life agenda that is way beyond the comprehension of the author of Twilight—so it shouldn't be there to begin with

Turned Bella from kinda a Mary Sue to a complete Mary Sue

Speaking of Mary Sue's have you met her daughter? Well she's the most special hybrid there ever was—at first by being the only one, but then by being the only one not to kill her mother. Everyone who meets her falls in love immediately (and it's totally not creepy) and anyone who thinks otherwise bad of her is shunned and immediately killed. Add on top of that that she's the perfect baby never cries you'd almost think she doesn't exist with her lack of personality. Which she should have with all the sentientness of her.

Introduces a bunch of characters that will eventually never be used taking a big chunk of your time that could have been spent elsewhere.

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It's the last Twilight book

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