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He's the Cullen Family Patriarch who's over 300 years old!

Compassion is his best quality, and he used it to become an exceptional doctor.

He only transforms humans into vampires when death is the only other alternative.

He only consumes animal blood.

He's EXTREMELY handsome.

He's friendly with Charlie Swan, Bella's father.

Carlisle believed no one should be alone, so he was especially happy when Bella came into Edward's life.

Carlisle treated Jacob when he was badly hurt by a Newborn.

When Renesmee was born, he accepted her with open arms while studying her rapid growth.

He is very very wise, he knows things, and knowledge is sexy.

Reason not to be: He was willing to abort Bella's unborn child without her permission.

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Reason not to be: He's a terrible doctor (mostly due to Meyer's lack of research)

Reason not to be: When the Volturi left dying people outside his door, he did not try to help them.

Reason not to be: He turned Rosalie (a victim of gang-rape) in the hopes that she would be Edward's mate.

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he has lots of self control

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