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Reasons that Nessie should be CGI in the movie

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NESSIE is adorable
A human child couldn't pull off the facial expressions

Nessie is supposed to be one of a kind, not averege human child

If they choose a human, everyone will disagree about the look

CGI human will be a technological achievement

CGI would look more like Edward and Bella

Closer to the book!

Cuter, perhaps?

There are already CGI wolves. Robert and Kristen are good at acting with CGI

While CGI will cost more, it will look better!

Newborn babies are not the size of two year olds, but Nessie can smile and has teeth right out of the womb, unlike a human newborn. CGI could do teeth and smiles

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More of a 3-D effect will fit better than just a human child

Nessie grows bigger everday!

Actresses will look either too old or not enough like Edward and Bella

All of the above is fairly ridiculous. The amount of time and money invested in creating the CGI baby could have been spent casting child actors. Sure, CGI the colour of her eyes to give her a mysterious look - otherwise that's it. All the bickering and a huge distraction in the film could have been avoided. $120 million budget and they still couldn't get it right. Although, casting isn't their strong suit when you see Kristen Stewart.

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