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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
He didn't decide to kill Bree, Jane commanded him to kill her

He may not want to live the way he is, but not know any other life to go too

Edward decided to intervene in the New Moon fight scene, he fought him so as to carry out the orders he was given to complete, and tried to resolve it the only way he knew how

He could be like Emmett if he was given a chance and the correct degree of attention

His character hasn't been properly developed (thanks to so SM) so there might be more to him.

Felix is nice and civil towards Bella, but not in a creepy way like Aro

He has a sense of humor.

He can tolerate Aro. That deserves MAJOR props.

We don't know his history, so we can't judge him

Jane would put him through hell if he didn't obey her

He was told what to do. (He needs to quit the Volturi)

Feel free to keep the list going!
He is not bad looking

he did not want to kill seth . aro made him fight .

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