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Reasons Jane is just plain evil

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Jane je zákerná ale nie je zlo ja ju poznám ona je crazy :D :D :D :*

She was raised by the Volturi

She is not, she is amazing

Because she hurts people for FUN what kind of sick mind twisted thing is that ?

Actually, Jane Was Burned At The Stake, Possibly Sending Her Crazy With Pain And Sadness At The Time- She Wants People To Feel The Pain She Felt, THATS Why She Has The BURNING Pain. Oh, And She's One of THE best Vampires EVER. Along With Alec- DAT HAIR! *Drools Over Alec's Hair*

she tortures people, that is cruel

She has a brother she protects, and he protects her, she's not evil.

Because she hurts people for doing nothing/Good things, such as hurting Edward for trying to stop her from hurting Bella etc. ,etc.

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