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She possesses abilities that break the standard of any vampire in the series.

Bella made a stupid Portmanteau name called Renesmee (Carlie), "What kind of stupid name is that?"-McLover from Back to the future.

Almost everyone hates her except for some stupid people who likes/love her.

She is a shitty person!

She is crappy!

She is a vampire fairy! leso!

She is bullshit!

She is a crappy mom!

She's being dumb to say that I'm the most lovesick person on earth, I mean, sure, you can find Edward handsome, but you don't have to start drilling into him or something.

She was not polite enough with vampires who are older than her for like 2 thousand years.

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For someone who supposedly puts others above herself, she's incredibly selfish.

She's supposed to be the heroine of the story, but she's a weak-minded, thoughtless little twat who 'falls in love' *cough*obsession*cough* with a controlling, angsty, spoiled little boy

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