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She possesses abilities that break the standard of any vampire in the series.

Bella made a stupid Portmanteau name called Renesmee (Carlie), "What kind of stupid name is that?"-McLover from Back to the future.

Almost everyone hates her except for some stupid people who likes/love her.

She is a shitty person!

She is crappy!

She is a vampire fairy! leso!

She is bullshit!

She is a crappy mom!

She's being dumb to say that I'm the most lovesick person on earth, I mean, sure, you can find Edward handsome, but you don't have to start drilling into him or something.

She was not polite enough with vampires who are older than her for like 2 thousand years.

For someone who supposedly puts others above herself, she's incredibly selfish.

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She's supposed to be the heroine of the story, but she's a weak-minded, thoughtless little twat who 'falls in love' *cough*obsession*cough* with a controlling, angsty, spoiled little boy

She teaches us that we can't be anything without a boyfriend.

Claims she is undeniably in love with Edward, (who by the way is 108 years old just putting it out there) but then leads Jacob on like the weak minded sadist she is just to watch both of them suffer in pain because of her.

She could have explained to Jacob that, on top of loving Edward and wanting to be a vampire with him and be immortal with him forever and whatnot, that she HAD to become a vampire otherwise THE VOLTURI would descend upon Forks & La Push to kill her - since their laws say only vampires and dead people can know that vampires exist. Jacob would fight to keep her as human as possible for as long as possible but would eventually relent to turning her. But, nooo.......

She always make weird and irritating expressions in the movies

Kristen Stewart was not a good choice

Bella became so dependent on Edward that when he left her in New Moon she went into a state of deep depression, lost her meaning to enjoy life, abandoning her friends and father and putting herself in harms way just to hear her ex-boyfriend's voice. "Are you suicidal?" - Jessica

Is so obsessed with the Edward and the Cullen's that she let's them get away with controlling abusive behavior where she doesn't with others

Thinks her dad's unreasonable for not wanting her to hang out with the Cullen's in spite of evidence pointing otherwise

Bella almost destroyed the cullen family, because of Renesmee and the choice of keeping her.

Bella is so crappy and decided to let her daughter marry an 18 year old guy.

She treats her friends like garbage

She left EVERYTHING behind just become immortal

She is crappy towards Jacob

Her depression in the 2nd book and movie was just too much

She is a bad rolemodel

She got EVERYTHING she planned

Shes a bad mom she just lets jacob stay with her daughter shes just like her own mother

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