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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
Twilight Barbies (Seriously... Twilight fans are not 3 years old anymore)

Twilight Jigsaw Puzzles (Yes.. We all love putting Edward's face together in our spare time)

Twilight Bandaids (Quick! Get the Twilight Bandaids! I hurt me finger and I need Edward to make it all better!)

Edward/Jacob Panties (They might seem cool at first... and then you get your period...)

Twilight Perfums (If your going for that "Smells like food" Thing, then try out the Bella scent!)

Twilight Cook Book (What? But Vampires don't eat Beef Stroganaff!)

Twilight Bed Spread (I wanted the pillow case and the fleece blanket... but my whole bed?)

Bella's Engagement Ring (Yes you guys. You too can rush into a teen marriage prematurely, so that you can have sex without remorse. And have a demon grow in your uterus. And name her Renesmee. All because of this heavenly bauble.)

Twilight socks (It has Edward's face on the ankle, YES! You too... Can have beautiful... ankles?)

Twilight Shower Curtain (Nothing says "early morning heart attack" quite like a greeting from a giant, pissed off, floating vampire head in your bathroom. It's the Twilight shower curtain, and it's only $60)

Twilight Sanitary Towels (I can't wait 'till Edward can suck my blood!! Ugh, seriously?)

Feel free to keep the list going!
Twilight on Wii?!

Twilight Scene it

Twilight toilet roll?

Twilight license plate frame, one word, Why?

Twilight Books!

Twilight dogs: Seriousely.... theres a guy near me saying that his dog is just like a were wolf off twilight and when he breeds it its going to make him millions.... hello-- its a japenise akita! :L

Twilight Shoes - Do we really need the words Be Safe on our shoes? What happens if we got ran over by a bus and we wore those shoes HMMM?

Twilight bras?

Twilight toilet seat covers? (Yeah 'cause every girl wants Edward to see them doing their business.)

Twilight vibrators and condoms??? Seriously my friend showed me her vibrator screaming at me "You need to get one of these things, you can put them in the freezer for the full experience!"

Twilight tampon holders?

Twilight credit card nothing says "be a cullen with 3.6 billion dollars"

Twilight tree skirt the Cullens don't celebrate Christmas.

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