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Biographical information

1945; California



Age when turned
  • 18 (books)
  • 28-35 (movies)
Physical description




Hair color


Eye color
  • Red
  • Black (thirsty)
Skin color


Special characteristics

Basic vampire abilities

Randall is an American nomadic vampire and a friend of the Cullen family.


Randall was born in California in 1945 and changed in 1963. Carlisle Cullen was one of the first vampires he met, and he has always considered him a close friend.

Breaking Dawn

Main article: Breaking Dawn
Denali coven (03)

Randall with Carlisle, Alistair and the Denali coven.

Randall first appears in Breaking Dawn to help testify against the Volturi for the Cullens. Emmett and Rosalie tracked him down and sent him to Forks without giving him much details other than their family needing his help.

While on his way to Forks, he befriends another nomadic vampire named Mary, who is also on her way to the Cullens. As soon as he heard their story about Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee, being mistaken for an immortal child, he agrees to stay and witness for the Cullens.

When Alistair left out of fear of the Volturi, Randall and Mary declare themselves to stay and help no matter the risk. When Jacob speaks on the wolves' behalf, Randall and Peter refer to them as "children" and "infants".

Randall happily leaves the Cullens after the Volturi retreated in peace. In Alices vision randall is first seen running into the battle. He grabbs many Voltori gaurds and kills them, at one point he sees Rosalie getting attacked. He grabbs the gaurd and flips him onto the ground. However one more gaurd runs at him the gaurd throws many punches at him that he ducks. The gaurd  swings at him one more time and sends Randall's head flying off. Rosalie is seen slamming the gaurd to the gound and destroying him. But the battle never happend so Randall lived.

Physical appearance

Randall's appearance was never exploited in the books other than that he was changed at age 18. In the movie, he is dark blond and has a mustache, and physically older than 18.

Film portrayal

Bill Trangradi, Randall

Bill Tangradi

Randall is portrayed by actor Bill Tangradi in Breaking Dawn - Part 2.


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