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|image = [[File:Rachel-st-gelais.jpg|250px]]
|name = Rachel St. Gelais
|hideg = yes
|hideb =
||gender = Female
|eyes = Blue
|sagarole = [[Renesmee Cullen]]'s body double}}
'''Rachel St. Gelais''' is one of the three actresses playing [[Renesmee Cullen]] in ''[[Breaking Dawn - Part 2]]''. CGI effects will place primary actress [[Mackenzie Foy]]'s head on her body. Renesmee has dramatic growth spurts and begins to look like a five-year-old after about a month.
One of St. Gelais's earliest film roles was with Diana Scarwid in ''And Then She Was Gone'', filmed in Savannah, Georgia. Her three older siblings, Justin, Steven, and Renee, are also working actors. Most recently, St. Gelais was in ''The Blind Side'' at age 5 and ''Little Red Wagon'' in June 2010, which stars Chandler Canterbury and Daveigh Chase. St. Gelais enjoys dramatic film roles and one of her favorite actors is C. Thomas Howell, whom she met on the set of ''The Jailhouse''.
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