"She could absorb another vampire's gift. She couldn't use that stolen gift herself, but she could give it to someone else who she was touching."
―Beau's knowledge[src]

Power transferal is Mele's gift to transfer another individual's supernatural talent.


Mele can take another person's power into herself by touching them, and do the same thing again to transfer it to someone else or back to the original user.


Mele's gift has two limitations: she needs physical contact with a subject for her power to work; also she cannot utilize the gifts she stole; they are only active when transferred to someone else.



Mele was sought out by the vampire, Sulpicia when the Volturi were reluctant to execute Aro due to his powerful gift of mind reading, which was prominent to the coven's advantage. Sulpicia somehow learned of Mele's gift and ordered her to take Aro's power then give it to her so that she may assume leadership of the Volturi. After acquiring this power, Aro and Caius were both executed. Because of this gift, Mele is known as Sulpicia's personal servant and "thief".

Similar abilitiesEdit

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