Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the city where Alice Cullen met Jasper Hale for the first time, in a small diner on a rainy day. Alice went there because of her visions of them falling in love, while Jasper was simply traveling alone.

Alice had a vision of her meeting Jasper and living with the Cullen family. Jasper was simply roaming around after leaving Peter and Charlotte, feeling depressed and guilty. It was a rainy day in Philadelphia and not wanting to attract attention to himself, Jasper stepped into a small diner where Alice was waiting, perched on a bar stool. She came up to him and said, "You've kept me waiting a long time," and Jasper ducked his head like a good Southern gentleman and replied, "I'm sorry, ma'am". They fell in love instantly and went to find the Cullens, with whom they have lived ever since.

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