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{{Actor infobox
#REDIRECT [[Minor actors#Murphy, Peter]]
|image = [[File:PeterMurphy.jpg|250px]]
|name = Peter Murphy
||birthname = Peter John Murphy
|born = {{Birth date and age|1957|07|11}}
|nationality = British
|gender = Male
|website = [ Official website]
|yearsactive = 1978-present (singer)
|sagarole = [[Cold Man]]
|hideg = yes}}
'''Peter Murphy''' is the actor who portrays the [[Cold Man]] in ''[[Eclipse (film)|Eclipse]]''. He is an English musician, best known as the lead vocalist for the gothic rock band "Bauhaus". They included a lot of vampire imagery and themes in their music, with "Bela Lugosi's Dead" being their biggest hit.
==External links==
*{{IMDb name|0614626}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Murphy, Peter}}
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