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Bella as a vampire in Alice's vision
Bella - as soon as she is changed into a vampire she kicks ass and so many ways

Edward - he's even more emo, moody, and self-hating than usual. Also, he tolerates dogs now.

Jacob - he's angry, depressed, heartbroken, and barely cares about anything...until he imprints. Now Jacob's just...gone. Also, he tolerates bloodsuckers now.

Sam - so now killing humans is ok as long as it prevents something that may or may not be dangerous

Rosalie - "GRR! Don't you touch my pregnant Mary Sue, Edward!"

Leah - Even MORE Sarcastic

Alice - "Humm.... HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No i am a social outcast. Hey you, wolf! Come sit on my lap!" or Suddenly goes from Bella's best friend and sister to chopped liver.

Leah 2- she wanted to protect Bella but then moans at her for hurting Jacob.

All the wolves wanted to kill all the Cullens but when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee all wants to protect them from the Volturi!

Now Bella loves someone as much as she loves Edward , Rennesme

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