Noela was the last member brought into Hilda's coven before it was destroyed, which consisted of Hilda, Anne, Heidi, Mary and Victoria. She was still a newborn when she died.


Before Noela joined the coven, she was a young woman living a horrific lifestyle in Lisbon. 2 years after Victoria joined the coven, Hilda found her and decided to change her in order to free her from life on the streets.

Noela had newly adjusted to her happy life with her coven before the Volturi came and accused them for drawing too much attention from the human society and executed Hilda for the crime. One of the members, Heidi, was immediately taken in by the Volturi, under the influence of Chelsea's power. Noela and the other three vampires tried to escape, but only Victoria survived.


Noela is mentioned only in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.

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