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New Moon: The Graphic Novel

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New Moon: The Graphic Novel
NewMoon Graphic Novel
Author Stephenie Meyer
Cover artist Young Kim
Country United States
Language English
Series Twilight
Genre(s) Young adult, fantasy, romance
Publisher Yen Press
Publication date Volume 1: April 13, 2013
Pages 176
ISBN 0316217182
Preceded by Twilight: The Graphic Novel

New Moon: The Graphic Novel is a graphic novel based on the second book of the Twilight series, published by Yen Press.

Volume 1 will be released on April 30, 2013. It is currently unknown how many more volumes will be published.


This graphic novel takes place after on Bella Swan's 18th birthday, months after James's death.

During her birthday party orchestrated by Alice, Bella gets a paper cut and Jasper goes frantic, causing a dangerous scene where Bella's injuries worsen. Edward decides to leave Forks with his family to keep her safe, but Bella falls into a long severe depression because of his departure.

Jacob Black becomes her touchstone, and he promises to be there for her always. That is until he unexpectedly gets sick and stops contacting her.

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