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|eyes = *Red
|eyes = *Red
*Black (when thirsty)
*Black (when thirsty)
|hair = *White blond (book)
|hair = *White blond <small>(book)</small>
*Brown (movie)
*Brown <small>(movie)</small>
|species = [[Vampire]]
|species = [[Vampire]]
|skin = Pale
|skin = Pale

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Nettie 1 (2)
Biographical information



1880 (killed by Maria and Jasper)

Physical description






Hair color
  • White blond (book)
  • Brown (movie)
Eye color
  • Red
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics

Basic vampire abilities

"You better do it, Maria. I could never stop once I've started."
―Nettie whispering to Maria.[src]

Nettie was a member of the Mexican coven, along with Lucy and Maria, before she and Lucy were executed for betrayal.


Nettie was born in Arkansas. When she became a vampire, she joined a coven with two older male vampires. However, the coven was destroyed by another coven's attack, and her coven mates were killed. As a result to the lost battle, Nettie was driven out of Arkansas. When she met Lucy and Maria, both survivors of their fallen covens, they formed an alliance out of convenience. Maria and Lucy wanted revenge for their mates lost in battle, while Nettie was eager to replace her lost hunting grounds in Arkansas and the safety of numbers

Maria, Lucy and Nettie

Nettie, Maria, and Lucy.

Together, the three of them began to build an army of newborn vampires, though she was not very involved due to her lack of self-control. Maria wanted to use newborns with training from a human army and politics in order to make the army work more effectively. After Maria turned Jasper Whitlock, a major of the Texas cavalry, they not only reclaimed their lost territories, but also won many other territories and the three of them were delighted. Some time later though, Lucy and Nettie began feeling malicious towards Maria. Nettie suggested to Lucy that they kill Maria and Jasper to take over the coven. However, their malicious feelings alerted Jasper of their impending betrayal because of his ability to feel emotions of those around him. Maria and Jasper surprised them with a preemptive attack and Nettie, along with Lucy, was executed.

Physical appearance

Nettie was described as having very pale skin, with an angelic face, scarlet red eyes and white blonde hair (blonder than Lucy) and being 5'3" tall, taller than Maria. Her size was described as "petite".

This is in contrast to the film, where she was portrayed as having dark brown hair.

Film portrayal

Leah Gibson

Leah Gibson

Leah Gibson portrayed Nettie in the Eclipse film.


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