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{{Actor infobox
#REDIRECT [[Minor actors#Bellamy, Ned]]
|image = [[File:Ned Bellamy.jpg|250px]]
|name = Ned Bellamy
|born = {{Birth date and age|1957|05|07}}; in Dayton, Ohio
|nationality = American
|residence = Los Angeles
|gender = Male
|eyes = Brown
|hair = Bald
|height = 6' (1.83 m)
|family = *Bill Bellamy (father)
*Nelle Bellamy (mother)
*Mark Bellamy (brother)
*Anne Bellamy (sister)
|yearsactive = 1994 - present
|sagarole = [[Waylon Forge]]
'''Ned Bellamy''' is the actor who portrays [[Waylon Forge]] in the [[Twilight (film)|''Twilight'' movie]]. This character was created exclusively for the film, and was not present in the novel ''[[Twilight]]''.
{{DEFAULTSORT:Bellamy, Ned}}
Ned was born May 7, 1957 in Dayton, Ohio to Bill and Nelle Bellamy. He is the youngest of three children. After spending his childhood in Joplin, Missouri, the family moved to La Jolla, California. Mark, his brother, is the U.S. Ambassador to Kenya. Anne, his sister, is vice-president of African Travel in Los Angeles. After graduating from UCLA, Ned and classsmate, Tim Robbins, founded the Los Angeles based theater company, "The Actors Gang". Ned has appeared in numerous film and television productions and continues to reside in Los Angeles.
Seinfeld cultists will have little or no difficulty remembering character actor Ned Bellamy; he played Eddie, the knife-obsessed, fatigue-wearing employee of the J. Peterman company, whom Elaine tries to dismiss with a promotion, in the 1996 episode "The Fatigues." That turn, with its aggressive, menacing air, was fairly typical of the roles in which Bellamy often found himself (despite the fact that he could bring those qualities to bear on comic or earnest material). A native of Dayton, OH, he grew up in Joplin, MO, and entered show business in the very late '70s, initially on television programs including The Waltons, M*A*S*H, and The Dukes of Hazzard. As time rolled on, however, Bellamy moved more squarely into filmed work, specializing in action, horror, or thriller fare. Big-screen projects that featured the actor included House IV: Home Deadly Home (1991), Universal Soldier (1992), and Carnosaur (1993).
After the Seinfeld appearance, Bellamy unveiled more of a comic emphasis in his role choices, evidenced by his work in such projects as Being John Malkovich (1999), The Whole Ten Yards (2004), and Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (2006). In 2008, Bellamy turned up as Waylon Forge in the romantically charged vampire opus Twilight (2008), which marked the actor's second collaboration with director Catherine Hardwicke after an appearance in her Lords of Dogtown (2005).
{|class="wikitable" cellpadding="4" border="2" style="font-size:90%;background:black;"
|''Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles''
|Ed Winston
|''[[Twilight (film)|Twilight]]''
|[[Waylon Forge]]
|''War, Inc.''
|Ooq-Yu-Fay Taqnufmini/Zubleh
|''Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny''
|Security Guard
|''Lords of Dogtown''
|Peter Darling
|Jeff Ridenhour
|''Runaway Jury''
|''Charlie's Angels''
|Red Star Systems Director
|''Being John Malkovich''
|Derek Mantini
|''Cradle Will Rock''
|Paul Edwards
|''Ed Wood''
|Dr. Tom Mason
|''The Shawshank Redemption''
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