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'''Molly Craytor''' served as an assistant make-up artist for the ''[[Twilight (film)|Twilight movie]]''. Her other works include ''Management'', ''The Ring Two'', and ''Into the Wild''.
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Leverage <br />Make-Up Department Head Electric Entertainment
Cooking from A to Zest<br />Make-Up Artist Brightwater Media
Leverage <br />Key Make-Up Artist Electric Entertainment
Commentary Carpuzi Film<br />Make-Up Supervisor Director: Jonathan Crow
Fading of the Cries Ratio Pictures<br />Special Make-Up Effect Artist Director: Brian Metcalf<br />Department Head: Adam Brandy
The River Why Steelhead Films<br />Make-Up/Hair Dept. Head Director: Matthew Leutwyler
Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling Paramount Famous Pictures<br />Asst. Make-Up Artist Director: Ellory Elkayem<br />Department Head: Amanda Needham
Twilight Summit Entertainment<br />Make-Up Artist Director: Catherine Hardwicke<br />Department Head: Jeanne Van Phue
Management Sidney Kimmel Entertainment<br />Make-Up Artist Director: Stephen Belber<br />Department Head: Whitney James
Untraceable Lakeshore Entertainment<br />Make-Up Artist Director: Gregory Hoblit<br />Department Head: Christina Smith
Into the Wild Paramount Vantage<br />Make-Up Artist Director: Sean Penn<br />Department Head: Robin Matthews
Feast of Love Lakeshore Entertainment<br />Make-Up Artist Director: Robert Benton<br />Department Head: Whitney James
Valley of Light McGee Street Productions<br />Key Make-Up Artist Director: Brent Shields<br />Department Head: E. Larry Day
Behind the Mask: the Legend of Leslie Vernon Glen Echo Entertainment<br />Make-Up Artist Director: Scott Glosserman<br />Department Head: E. Larry Day
The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang Jeremy Coon Productions<br />Key Make-Up Artist Director: Tim Skousen<br />Department Head: E. Larry Day
Say Uncle Best Little Boy Productions<br />Assistant Make-Up Director: Peter Paige<br />Department Head: E. Larry Day
Sisters CSC Sisters Make-Up Assistant Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman<br />Department Head: E. Larry Day
Mean Creek Whitewater Productions<br />Key Make-Up Artist Director: Aaron Estes<br />Department Head: E. Larry Day
BET Tribute to Coretta Scott King: Interview with Myrlie Evers<br />Make-Up Artist BET
Toby Keith: Get Drunk and Be Somebody<br />Make-Up Artist Showdog Records
MDA Telethon, Backstreet Boys<br />Make-Up Artist Jive Records
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