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{{Actor infobox
#REDIRECT [[Minor actors#Adamthwaite, Michael]]
|name = Michael Adamthwaite
|image = [[File:6c5217c4-c88f-4b3f-90c4-87cf9fb7208a.jpg|250px]]
|sagarole = [[Chet]]
|hideg = yes
|born = September 1, 1981
||gender = Male
|yearsactive = 1988-present
|nationality = American
|eyes = Blue
|hair = Blond
|height = 6'1"
|website = [ Woorkbook Live]}}
'''Michael Adamthwaite''' is the actor who portrays [[Chet]] in the movie adaptation of ''[[New Moon (film)|New Moon]]''.
Michael Adamthwaite won his first role in a BBC mini-series entitled ''Little Lord Fauntleroy'' while living in England at the age of twelve. He later settled in Vancouver in 2000 to continue Acting. For several years Michael had the fortune of studying under Warren Robertson, renowned Acting teacher and Coach to famed acting teacher Larry Moss. Michael also attended several reputable Vancouver based schools including the Actors Working Academy, William B Davis Centre, and the Vancouver Film School. Since 2000, Michael has received LEO nominations for his work in both CBC’s ''Dragon Boys'', and ''Walk All over Me''.<ref></ref>
==External links==
*[ Official website]
*{{IMDb name|1027678}}
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