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[[Category:Minor characters]]
[[Category:Minor characters]]
[[Category:Book-only characters]]
[[Category:Breaking Dawn]]
[[Category:Breaking Dawn]]

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Biographical information

Seattle, Washington

Physical description




Hair color


Skin color



Assistant to Jason Jenks

"Who else needs papers? Or can afford to pay J's prices for them, I should say. None of my business anyway."
―Max, on J's business.[src]

Max assists J. Jenks in his underhanded business dealings. His primary duty is to sit on the porch of an old, run-down building in Seattle and relay messages back to his boss. Though his job is basically criminal, he is well-paid.

Breaking Dawn

Max helps guide Bella to Jason in Breaking Dawn so they could talk about getting fake ID's for Renesmee and Jacob Black. Being used to working with criminals, he was initially suspicious of Bella because she did not fit the description of the usual people who approached him, and wondered if she is possibly an agent of sorts that could get his boss, Jenks in trouble, which would leave him unemployed.

When he first laid eyes on Bella, he was physically attracted to her, and when she smiled at him, his heart rate accelerated. He expressed visible disappointment when Bella mentioned that she was married. Bella later mentions that she 'owes' him for tipping her off about the sort of secret, illegal work Jason does.

Physical appearance

Max is noted to have crinkly black hair, dark and smooth skin, and straight white teeth. He also wears exceptionally fine clothing under his long, ragged duster.


Max is always careful with his customers and cautious of people who seem suspicious; however, he has a weak knee for beautiful women.


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