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{{Actor infobox
#REDIRECT [[Minor actors#Kosaka Masami]]
|image = [[File:Masami-kosaka_0711152.jpg|250px]]
|hideg =
|hideb =
|name = Masami Kosaka
|gender = Male
|hair = Black
|hidebts =
|sagarole = [[Toshiro]]||born = Shizuoka, Japan
|eyes = Brown
|family = Wife
|hideg = yes}}
'''Masami Kosaka''' is the actor who portrays [[Toshiro]] in ''[[Breaking Dawn - Part 2]]''.
His character was rumored to be the pastor binding Edward and Bella to their wedding vows.<ref></ref> This rumor was cleared up by the movie trailer and confirmation of [[Angelo Renai]] playing the priest. However, he has confirmed that his character will be called Toshiro and is a lone Japanese vampire.<ref> Youtube interview with Masamo Kosaka</ref>
Born in Shizuoka, Japan. Played baseball until University, after graduated from Soka University, moved to The U.S. and Studied Acting at numerous schools in Los Angeles. Since then, He is pursuing acting career in LA.<ref> Masami Kosaka Actor Reel</ref>
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