Marlane Deanne Barnes (born June 1, 1991) appears in Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as Maggie.


Marlane is a native of Portland, Maine and was raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

She was first introduced to acting at the age of 4 in regional shoe commercials—and the shoe fit! She earned a Bachelor's in English Literature at the University of Arkansas, while acting in her spare time. That turned into a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Texas at Austin, where she continued to do film, theatre, and musical theatre.

She likes Shakespeare, Sondheim, Neil Simon, and dancing—but is not a dancer with an "er." Marlane is based in Los Angeles with her filmmaker boyfriend and three cats.

In her spare time Marlane enjoys reading, writing for her design blog MarlaneDesign, and painting. Since Breaking Dawn, Marlane has guest starred in several television shows, including Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy and Masters of Sex. In 2013 she starred in Somebody Marry Me, Finding Mr. Right and Sake-Bomb.


  • Marlane's grey eyes have gold flecks.

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