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Makenna and Charles are a couple of nomadic vampires. They first appear in Breaking Dawn when they are brought by the Volturi to witness against the Cullens.



Makenna is the descendant of a Maltese family with a unique link to vampirism. Some members in her family have become vampires throughout the millenia to protect and provide for the family. Makenna was one of the chosen ones. She looked forward to her destiny until she met Charles in Barcelona.


Charles was born in the early 20th century of Denmark. In his early twenties, he moved to Barcelona to study law. There, he met and fell in love with a Maltese woman named Makenna.


Makenna and Charles met when he was a law student in Barcelona and fell in love. Makenna's ancestor, Luca, told her that she could abandon her destiny of becoming a vampire if she wanted a normal life with Charles. However, she still chose immortality. Before she left, she promised Charles that she will return. Makenna waited for her newborn year to pass while Charles waited for her return.

After she left her newborn state behind, she found Charles again, who was still waiting for her. After telling him about life as a vampire, Charles decided to join her. They waited 3 years for Makenna to practice her self-control to avoid killing him by accident.

After he was successfully changed and found out about his power of lie detection, they lived a nomadic lifestyle together, but Makenna still visited her family often.

Breaking Dawn

Screen-Shot-2012-09-07-at-8 15 00-PM
"That is our witness. We'll be leaving now."

In late 2006, Makenna and Charles are both invited by Renata, Makenna's distant relative, to join the Volturi's cause of bringing 'justice' to the Cullen family for allegedly creating an immortal child. As they follow the Volturi to Forks, a confrontation takes place, and Charles and Makenna learn that the supposed immortal child is in fact a vampire-human hybrid, and that the whole situation has been a misunderstanding.

The two mostly remain in the background as the confrontation progresses. When Garrett tells the Volturi's witnesses to pick their own sides as the Volturi will surely kill them all to keep the truth from being spread, Charles 'confirms' that the Cullens are innocent, then he and Makenna take their leave.

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