This article is about the vampire in Joss's coven. For the schoolgirl, please see Lauren Mallory.

Lauren was a member of Joss's coven. Following Joss's demise at the hands of the Olympic coven, she took off to join the vegetarian Denali coven resided near Denali, Alaska. Her Twilight Saga counterpart is Laurent.


Early lifeEdit

Lauren was a French vampire who wandered the world before joining Joss's coven.

Life and Death: Twilight ReimaginedEdit

Main article: Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

Lauren, Joss, and Victor come across the Cullen family playing baseball while passing through Forks. When Joss and Victor chose to hunt Beau Swan, her instincts told her she was on the wrong side of the conflict, and she quickly jumps ship to ingratiate herself with the Cullens by warning them about Joss's skills. Lauren is confused by Carine, who has a very different kind of authority than she was used to. She is happy to stay out of the way until Joss was no longer an issue, hoping to study Carine's strength later. She then leaves for Denali to find the Denali coven, hoping to get away from Joss and Victor.

Physical appearanceEdit

Lauren is described with glossy black hair, a slight olive tone to her pale skin and a French accent. As with all vampires, her skin sparkles upon exposure to sunlight as if thousands of diamonds were embedded in her skin and has dark red eyes that turn black when she was thirsty.

Personality and traitsEdit

Unlike her coven mates, Joss and Victor, Lauren is more articulate and civilized. Beau Swan considers her to be easily the most attractive of Joss's coven.

Like her male counterpart, Laurent, she has little sense of loyalty and would leave her allies to protect herself if the situation doesn't seem in her favor.


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