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{{Actor infobox
#redirect [[Minor actors#Crowder Dos Santos, Lateef]]
|image = [[File:Lateef_Crowder_MK.jpg|250px]]
|name = Lateef Crowder
||birthname = Lateef Crowder Dos Santos
|nationality = Sao Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
|gender = Male
|hair = Black
|height = 5'10" (1.78m)
|yearsactive = 2005-present
|sagarole = [[Santiago]]
|born = {{Birth date and age|1977|11|23}}}}
'''Lateef Crowder Dos Santos''' (born November 23, 1977) is a Brazilian-born American martial artistic actor and stunt performer who portrays [[Santiago]] in the second part of ''[[Breaking Dawn - Part 2|Breaking Dawn]]''.
Santos is best known for his appearance in ''Tom-Yum-Goong'' (known in North America as ''The Protector''), using Capoeira in a fight scene with Tony Jaa. Due to an injury to his achilles tendon, the scene was cut short, but he has since recovered, and was featured in the martial arts feature, ''Duel of Legends'', released in 2007. Due to his Capoeira skills and resemblance to the character, Lateef Crowder played the role of Eddy Gordo in the ''Tekken'' feature film. He has also featured in ''Undisputed 3'' which stars Scott Adkins and directed by Isaac Florentine and also stars in the Kevin Tancharoen directed short film ''Mortal Kombat: Rebirth''.
{| class="wikitable"
! Year !! Movie !! Role
| 2005 || ''[[wikipedia:Tom-Yum-Goong|Tom-Yum-Goong]]'' || Capoeira Fighter
|rowspan="3"| 2008 || ''Yeah Sure Okay'' || Yellow
|''Beyond the Ring'' || Taekwondo student #1
|''[[wikipedia:Ninja Cheerleaders|Ninja Cheerleaders]]'' || Karate Bully
|rowspan="5"| 2009 ||''[[wikipedia:Never Surrender (film)|Never Surrender]]'' || Marco
|''Red Velvet'' || Maniac
|''[[wikipedia:Tekken (2010 film)|Tekken]]'' || Eddy Gordo
|''Once Fallen'' || Santos Lobos
|''Duel of Legends'' || Fighter
|rowspan="5"| 2010 || ''Fading of the Cries'' || Sylathus
|''[[wikipedia:The Book of Eli|The Book of Eli]]'' || Highjacker #3
|''Slums 13'' || Judge
|''[[wikipedia:Undisputed III: Redemption|Undisputed 3]]'' || Andriago Silva (The Brazilian Fighter)
|''[[wikipedia:Mortal Kombat: Rebirth|Mortal Kombat: Rebirth]]'' || Alan Zane/Baraka
| ''[[wikipedia:Supah Ninjas|Supah Ninjas]]''||Rhymer Henchman
|''[[Breaking Dawn - Part 2]]'' || [[Santiago]]
*He is of Afro-Brazilian descent.
==External links==
*[[wikipedia:Lateef Crowder Dos Santos|Lateef Crowder Dos Santos]] on [ Wikipedia]
*{{IMDb name|1956628}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Crowder Dos Santos, Lateef}}
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