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{{Actor infobox
#REDIRECT [[Minor actors#Hyatt, Krystopher]]
|image = [[Image:6a0109d06976cd000e010980b65bf4000b-320pi.jpg|250px]]
|name = Krystopher Rupard-Hyatt
|birthname = Krystopher Rupard-Hyatt
|born = {{birth date and age|1991|12|10}}
|residence = Salem, Oregon
|gender = Male
|eyes = Dark brown
|hair = Dark brown
|height = 6'1
|alias = Krys, Shankmaster
|sagarole = [[Embry Call]] (''[[Twilight (film)|Twilight]]'' only)
|hideg = yes}}
'''Krystopher Hyatt''' is the actor who portrays [[Embry Call]] in the [[Twilight (film)|''Twilight'' film]]. He was replaced by Kiowa Gordon in the subsequent movies.
{{DEFAULTSORT:Hyatt, Krystopher}}
[[Category:Twilight film]]
[[Category:Twilight film]]

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