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Kachiri is a female vampire and the apparent founder of the Amazon coven, which includes Zafrina and Senna, both turned by her. They reside deep in the Amazonian rainforest; they are known to have lived outside civilization for centuries and for not keeping up the human facade and only interacting with them while hunting.

Kachiri is the only member of the Amazon coven to not exist in the movie adaptations.


Early life

Kachiri used to belong to an ancient native tribe located on the fringes of the Pantanal. After she was changed, she went back for her closest friends, Senna and Zafrina. They've been together ever since, rarely leaving the wet lands, hunting in the habitations along the fringes. Their self-sufficiant way of life has kept them a secret from most other vampires. Carlisle and his family discovered them in the 1940's while on a hunting trip, the Cullens' interest in large animal game brought them to an area other vampires dismissed for its lack of human prey. The Amazons were quite taken with Carlisle's gentle, friendly manner.

Breaking Dawn

Main article: Breaking Dawn

Kachiri is instrumental in helping Alice Cullen find Hulien and Nahuel to prove to the Volturi that Renesmee means no harm and to prevent a fight from breaking out. They make it to Forks just before the battle commences at the end of Breaking Dawn, and Kachiri is reunited with her coven mates. After the confrontation, they return to South America.

Physical appearance

Along with the rest of her coven, she is described as being dark skinned, 6'4" tall with long limbs and muscular, and has wild black hair. Although she is said so be more muscular than the others. Bella describes her as the wildest-looking of the three.


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