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*''[[Eclipse]]'' (mentioned)
*''[[Eclipse]]'' (Mentioned)
**[[Eclipse (film)|''Eclipse'' film]] (flashback)
**[[Eclipse (film)|''Eclipse'' film]] (Flashback)

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This article is about Royce King II's friend. For the mechanic, see John Dowling.
John 1
Biographical information

Atlanta, Georgia


Late April, 1933 (killed by Rosalie Hale)

Physical description




Hair color
  • Dark (book)
  • Grey (film)
Skin color
  • Suntanned (book)
  • Pale (film)

John was one of Rosalie Hale's murderers in 1933. He and Rosalie's fiancé, Royce King, brutally abused her, which drove her on a streak of vengeance when she became a vampire.



John and his friends watch as Royce assaults Rosalie.

John was a friend of Royce King's from Atlanta, Georgia, and shared his malicious traits. In April, 1933, John, along with Royce and the rest of their friends, got severely drunk when they came across Royce's fiancée, Rosalie Hale, and brutally assaulted her. All of them laughed as they left Rosalie on the street to die, only for her to be discovered and 'saved' by Carlisle Cullen, a vampire. After Rosalie became a vampire, she hunted down her murderers one by one, John being 3rd, saving Royce for last. Though she killed them all, she made sure not to spill any of their blood - the idea of having any part of them inside her repulsed her.

Rosalie mentioned John's name many years later while sharing her history with Bella Swan.

Physical appearance

John had tanned skin and dark hair in the novel, while in the movie, he was middle-aged with grayish hair and pale skin, with wrinkles on his face.

Film portrayal


Ben Geldreich

John was portrayed by Canadian actor Ben Geldreich in Eclipse.


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