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Jared Cameron and Kim

Jared Cameron and Kim are a minor couple in the Twilight series. Jared imprinted on Kim shortly after he phased for the first time, returning her own romantic feelings for him.

Among the wolves and their imprinted ones, Jared and Kim have encountered the least problems: Sam broke Leah's heart when he imprinted on her cousin, Emily; Jacob imprinted on infant Renesmee, causing a temporary rip to his friendship with her mother, Bella; Quil imprinted on toddler Claire causing a problem to some people who knew; and Paul imprinted on Jacob's sister, Rachel, who didn't like being in La Push due to the pain of her mother's death.

In the movies, Jared is portrayed by Bronson Pelletier and Kim by Caitlin Mooney-Fu.


Jared CameronEdit

Jared in Eclipse

Jared Cameron

Jared was born and raised in La Push, along with many members of the tribe.

After he began phasing, he became part of Sam Uley's pack and a protector of the Quileute lands against vampires. He also became good friends with Sam Uley and Paul Lahote due to their shared secret and common powers. Shortly after he phased and returned to school again, he looked at classmate Kim, who sat next to him in class, and never looked away again.

He is known as the wolf with the best eyesight in the pack.




Kim is Jared's classmate at the local school on the reservation.

She had had a crush on him since before he became a shape-shifter, though he didn't notice her then. She wrote his last name tacked on the end of hers all over her diary. When he imprinted on her, she was thrilled to have him as her boyfriend. He told her everything, the secret legends and his power as a shape-shifter, and imprinting. She took it all in stride and accepted his state very quickly.



Kim and Jared are only seen together in Eclipse at the bonfire where Bella meets Kim for the first time and heard of the Quileutes' legend.

Jacob described their relationship to Bella while walking down First Beach and telling her about the impact of imprinting. Bella notices the intensity of imprinting when she sees the closeness between Jared and Kim at the bonfire.

Breaking DawnEdit


Jared and Kim sitting among couples on First Beach.

Kim and Jared are only mentioned in Jacob's thoughts in Breaking Dawn. He hints that they are getting more physically intimate.

They make a brief appearance together in the first movie adaptation of Breaking Dawn. Both Jared and Kim are playfully eating whilst playing with the rest of the pack. Leah, Seth and Embry eye at the imprinted couples in disgruntle, thinking that they are 'lucky', while Jacob simply finds the idea sickening due to their loss of will.

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