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{{Actor infobox
#REDIRECT [[Minor actors#Huston, Jack]]
|image = [[File:TodoTwilightSaga Jack Huston MQ 01.JPG|250px]]
|name = Jack Huston
|birthname = Jack Alexander Huston
|born = {{Birth date and age|1982|12|07}}; in London
|nationality = English
|gender = Male
|eyes = Brown
|hair = Black
|height = 6' (1.83 m)
|family = *Margot Lavinia Cholmondeley (mother)
*Walter Anthony Huston (father)
*Laura Huston (sister)
*Matthew Huston (brother)
*[[wikipedia:Anjelica Huston|Anjelica Huston]] (paternal aunt)
*[[wikipedia:Danny Huston|Danny Huston]] (paternal uncle)
*[[wikipedia:John Huston|John Huston]] (paternal grandfather) †
*[[wikipedia:Hugh Cholmondeley, 6th Marquess of Cholmondeley|Hugh Cholmondeley]] (maternal grandfather) †
*[[wikipedia:Walter Huston|Walter Huston]] (paternal great-grandfather) †
*[[wikipedia:David Sassoon|David Sassoon]] (maternal ancestor) †
*[[wikipedia:Mayer Amschel Rothschild|Mayer Amschel Rothschild]] (maternal ancestor)†
*[[wikipedia:Robert Walpole|Robert Walpole]] (maternal ancestor) †
|yearsactive = 2004 - present
|sagarole = [[Royce King II]]}}
'''Jack Alexander Huston''' (born 7 December 1982) is an English actor. Huston had a starring role in "Neighborhood Watch" and filmed Outlander with James Caviezel and Sophia Myles. He portrays [[Royce King II]] in the ''[[Eclipse (film)|Eclipse]]'' movie.
Huston was born in London, England, the son of Lady Margot Lavinia Cholmondeley and Walter Anthony Huston.<ref></ref> His paternal grandfather was director John Huston and his maternal grandfather was Hugh Cholmondeley, 6th Marquess of Cholmondeley; his mother's ancestors include David Sassoon, the Treasurer of Baghdad, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who founded the Rothschild family international banking dynasty, and Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister of Great Britain.<ref></ref><ref></ref> Huston is the nephew of actors Anjelica Huston and Danny Huston.<ref></ref>
{|class="wikitable" cellpadding="4" border="2" style="font-size:90%;background:black;"
|''[[wikipedia:Spartacus (2004 film)|Spartacus]]''
|''Neighborhood Watch''
|''[[wikipedia:Factory Girl|Factory Girl]]''
|Gerard Malanga
|''[[wikipedia:Shrooms (film)|Shrooms]]''
|''[[wikipedia:Miss Austen Regrets|Miss Austen Regrets]]''
|Dr. Charles Haden
|''[[wikipedia:The Garden of Eden (film)|The Garden of Eden]]''
|David Bourne
|''[[wikipedia:Outlander (film)|Outlander]]''
|''[[wikipedia:Boogie Woogie (film)|Boogie Woogie]]''
|Lord Alfred
|''[[wikipedia:Shrink (film)|Shrink]]''
|''[[wikipedia:Eastwick (TV series)|Eastwick]]''
|''Mr. Nice''
|Graham Plinston
|''[[Eclipse (film)|The Twilight Saga: Eclipse]]''
|[[Royce King|Royce King II]]
|''Boardwalk Empire''
|Richard Harrow
|''Wilde Salone''
|Lord Alfred
|''The Hot Potato''
|''Twlight Zone''
==External links==
*{{IMDb name|1658935}}
*[[wikipedia:Jack Huston|Jack Huston]] on Wikipedia
{{DEFAULTSORT:Huston, Jack}}
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